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TrainNowMD is excited to bring you this highly specialized training! Our Course is intended for physicians and their medical staff.

We offer a hands-on, interactive 2-day course focusing on the «PDO Perfecto Italian Threads and PRP Platelet Rich Plasma.»

The course is led by a team of board-certified medical experts in a friendly medical practice setting with actual patients.

Participants will have actual HANDS-ON interaction WITH REAL PATIENTS  throughout each day, performing all clinical aspects of the course. No cadavers and no Plastic Simulations. All participants must rotate for all modules regardless of specialty, as each lesson complements one another.

In addition to understanding how to prep patients and Perform the «PDO Perfecto Italian Threads and PRP Platelet Rich Plasma» Techniques, attendees will also learn critical business steps to successfully implement procedures into their clinical practice.


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Day 2


$5,000 For Doctors And Nurse Practitioners

Limited Space

Someone From Our Office Will Contact You After Your Purchase To Confirm The Schedule With You And Email All Documentation!


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